Apple watch: Apple watch? Plus Apple vs. Samsung in court and in coolness

Time flies. Last we checked, Apple was in the news because of a shareholder complaint that it isn’t giving back enough to shareholders. The news brought up nagging questions about Apple’s shares, which have recently fallen from their spectacular rise, and about whether the company is losing its luster. Now, there’s new speculation about what Apple has up its sleeve: a watch. Apple shares are up about 1.5 percent to $481.80 as of this post.

The rumored watch could be like a wearable iPhone with thin, flexible glass, according to reports in both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal over the weekend. Is it Apple’s next big thing? Could it possibly be like a Pebble smartwatch, the Kickstarter hit that started shipping late last month? Would it be another wearable computing development, like Google Glass?

Analysts cited by the NYT say it only makes sense that Apple would move next into wearable computing. In fact, Forrester’s Sarah Rotman Epps says Apple has done a lot of hiring “in that area.” She also says “Apple is already in the wearable space through its ecosystem partners that make accessories that connect to the iPhone.” And Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster says cheaper wearable computing devices “could ultimately be Apple’s best answer to addressing emerging markets.”

In other Apple news:

• A Reuters article on Apple’s complicated relationship with business partner/courtroom foe Samsung says the companies’ epic patent battle may be coming to a stalemate. Both companies’ products continue to sell well, and Apple has largely failed to show it has suffered greatly from any real or alleged infringement by Samsung. In addition, Reuters says the two companies continue to have much in common, including potential competition in the mobile industry.

By the way, CEO Tim Cook was opposed to suing Samsung, says Reuters. It’s something other reports have suggested for a while. As we’ve mentioned before, it was late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs who vowed to go after Android. (See Quoted: An end to Apple’s ‘thermonuclear war’? and ‘Destroying’ Android, and other Apple vs. Google news.)

• Speaking of Samsung, the New York Times examines how it has emerged as a formidable rival not only to Apple’s sales, but also its cool factor. The two successful companies have different ways of approaching market research: Samsung does it, Apple doesn’t. Samsung studies trends and creates products; Apple devotees would say the company creates products that set trends. Except, the NYT article notes, things seem to be shifting a tiny bit. Samsung started selling smartphone bigger screens before Apple enlarged its iPhone screen. And Samsung, whose products go beyond computing-focused devices, has a head start when it comes to smart TVs.


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  • Markus Unread

    “Apple has up its sleeve: a watch”

    What time is it?
    Uhm, I have to update iTunes then I’ll let you know.

  • Arleigh Simon

    good one… the problem is, apple updates itunes it seems EVERY damn week!

  • dermbuilder

    I have to agree with Arleigh on this, not only does Apple update
    iTunes too often, but the program continually nags you to update.
    This wouldn’t be a problem if iTunes updated the way that Windows
    does, putting only those lines of code that are changed in the
    updates so that updates are relatively small downloads, rather than
    requiring the the entire program be replaced with a new copy every
    time there is an incremental upgrade. Until Apple at least puts text
    with these upgrades indicating why I should upgrade, I will reject ALL of these incremental upgrades.
    Now a little complaint for Mercury News. get the software for these comment boxes recoded, so that once you start to put text in the box that it will go above the ADD TO YOUR SITE box rather than continue to sit under it with the end of every line obscured so that you have to keep hitting carriage returns in order to see your text!!!