Quoted: Ray Kurzweil on humans, nanobots and living forever

“By the 2030s we’ll be putting millions of nanobots inside our bodies to augment our immune system, to basically wipe out disease.”

Ray Kurzweil, the inventor, futurist and co-founder of Singularity University, on why he thinks humans can live forever.  As for “creating a whole virtual body with nanobots, that’s more like a 2050 scenario,” he told New York Times Magazine. As previously mentioned on GMSV, Kurzweil’s Singularity co-founder, Peter H. Diamandis, once said his own “target” was to live 700 years. The Singularity — which Kurzweil wrote is the moment when there is no distinction between man and machine — has many high-profile supporters in Silicon Valley, including Google CEO Larry Page, who gave money to help start SingU and now has hired Kurweil. Kurzweil last month announced he was becoming director of engineering at Google, which makes plenty of sense, writes Ashlee Vance at Bloomberg Businessweek: “Kurzweil’s body of work is intellectual red meat for Googlers, who envision smartphones as brain extenders.”


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  • curmudgeon2000

    On the subject of making predictions about the future, I’m reminded
    of this line from a television commercial a few years back:

    “It’s the year 2000. Where are the flying cars? I was promised
    flying cars!”

    Flying cars, “free” power from nuclear plants in every home,
    twenty-hour work weeks, the paper-less office…

    Why is it that when people make grand predictions about the future,
    nobody bothers to check on their previous prognostications to see
    how many they actually got right? Why do we pay so much attention
    to these self-proclaimed experts, who bear more resemblence to carnival