Quoted: on debt collectors wanting to get friendly on Facebook

“You get a friend request from some chick in a bikini. You say yes, and then somebody says ‘by the way, I’m a debt collector.’ ”

— Billy Howard, a lawyer in Florida who is representing Kathryn Haralson, a woman who stopped making payments on her car (she claims she was overcharged) and complains she has been harassed by a debt collector contacting her at work, on her cell — and on Facebook, which she says “crossed the line.” Bloomberg reports that federal regulators are considering policies about the use of social media in debt collection; some debt collectors use it and some don’t. Howard says he has seen some rude postings by a debt collector on someone’s Facebook wall, for example. And here’s further motivation to adjust one’s privacy settings: John Bedard, a lawyer for the collections industry, told Bloomberg “it’s not unlawful to search the Internet and view publicly available information.” Social networks — they’re not just for fun and games and envy anymore. Injunctions have been delivered on Twitter and subpoenas served on Facebook in places such as the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, according to the Telegraph.


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  • curmudgeon2000

    Reason #473 of why not to use Facebook.