Trader Joe’s customers express sticker shock at price increase for “Two Buck Chuck” wine

Trader Joe’s bumped up the price of its famous $1.99 “Two Buck Chuck” Charles Shaw wine by another 50 cents on Jan. 16, catching many of Chuck’s loyal customers off guard.

After 11 years, Trader Joe’s said it finally had to increase prices because of higher costs from its distributor, Bronco Wine.

“Two Buck Chuck” gave Trader Joe’s a great catch phrase that was also wildly popular.

The company had sold 5 million cases of red and white Charles Shaw wine a year – for a total of 660 million bottles, according to Bronco Wine.

On Tuesday, Nhon Do, 81, (pictured on right) bought five cases at Trader Joe’s Coleman Avenue store, for a total of 60 bottles.

He and his friend, Ngai Tran, 81, (on left) are planning a reunion of fellow Vietnamese expatriates later this month and the extra 50 cents per bottle meant that Do had to cough up an additional $30, as seen on his $182.29 receipt.

From a Trader Joe’s market standpoint, now the question becomes whether $2.49 “Chuck” will develop its own catch phrase.


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