A silver lining for the grounding of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner

Marc Casto, who traveled to Japan as part of the San Jose delegation on All Nippon Airways’ inaugural 787 San Jose-Tokyo flight last week, was routed through San Francisco International Airport on his return Wednesday after the airline grounded its fleet of Dreamliners. All 50 Boeing 787s in service around the world have now been parked because of concerns about the fire safety of the aircraft’s battery system.

Casto, president of San Jose-based Casto Travel, which handles corporate travel accounts for many Silicon Valley companies, saw a benefit to returning to the Bay Area through SFO.

“One concern a traveler always has when flying out of San Jose is, what happens if there is a flight cancellation, and there will be one,” he said. “And they have a backup.”

ANA was able to put members of the San Jose delegation on its flight to SFO as well as on a flight with partner airline United Airlines. Other than making the drive down to San Jose, the group experienced very little inconvenience.

“It’s a good sign,” Casto said.

It should give travelers confidence flying ANA to Asia out of San Jose — if and when the airline resumes its 787 service to Silicon Valley, he said.



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