Netflix status update: Shares surging, Facebook sharing a go, more

Netflix shares in the triple digits, the sequel? Shares of the Los Gatos entertainment provider are surging, up nearly 3 percent to $100.65 as of this post. Here’s a roundup of developments this week, during which the company’s shares hovered around the $100 mark for the first time in nine months.

President Obama on Thursday signed a bill that clears the way for Netflix users to share their viewing habits on Facebook automatically, and likely for the company to introduce other social features. The company had long pushed for changes to the Video Privacy Protection Act, including spending plenty on lobbying. (See previous GMSV post.)

This week, for the first time, Netflix made an appearance in front of the Television Critics Association to tout the shows it’s planning for the season. They include “Arrested Development,” the beloved but canceled Fox TV show Netflix is bringing back from the dead, as well as a couple of new original shows, a Ricky Gervais comedy called “Derek” and a murder mystery, “Hemlock Grove.” USA Today has a list of Netflix’s streaming lineup for the season, which includes a second season of “Lilyhammer.”

The company’s content-announcement spree started off Monday, when it unveiled a content deal with Time Warner’s Warner Bros. that gives it rights to TV shows such as NBC’s “Revolution” and Fox’s upcoming “The Following.”

In other news, a federal appeals court said today that the U.S. Postal Service gave Netflix an unfair advantage by providing special handling of the DVDs the company mails out. Gamefly, which rents and mails out video games, had asked that the post office handle its mail similar to the way it handles Netflix’s but the post office refused and reportedly offered a plan that still would have charged Gamefly more. The post office was ordered to come up with a fair solution.



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  • Patrick

    I never understood the maligning of Netflix. It seemed a media generated bashing. For $9.95/month I dumped much loathed cable charging 10x and have never looked back.