Report says Steve Jobs offered help for Mark Hurd’s HP troubles


Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was deeply troubled by Mark Hurd’s resignation as Hewlett-Packard’s chief executive in 2010, after HP’s board investigated Hurd’s relationship with a contract employee, according to a Bloomberg report Thursday.

So three days after Hurd quit the Palo Alto technology giant under a cloud of suspicion, he received an email from Jobs.

“The Apple founder wanted to know if Hurd needed someone to talk to,” the Bloomberg story said,  noting that “Jobs had lived through a similar experience decades earlier when Apple’s board turned on him.”

They met at Job’s Palo Alto home, strolled the neighborhood together and Jobs offered to lobby for Hurd’s reinstatement. Instead, Hurd took a job as co-president of Redwood City software giant Oracle, where his pal Larry Ellison is CEO.

HP never substantiated the allegations against Hurd and Jobs confided to friends that HP would spiral out of control after his departure, the Bloomberg story said.

It’s unclear what impact Hurd’s resignation actually had. But HP over the past few years has been staggered by a slumping sales and its  recent revelation that it was duped into paying billions of dollars too much for software company Autonomy.





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