Quoted: on Microsoft, Windows and no Apple products for the Gates kids

“The wealth from our family came from Microsoft, so why would we invest in a competitor?”

Melinda Gates, philanthropist and wife of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, said on British radio late last week that their kids have asked for Apple products, “but they get Windows technology.” Speaking of Windows, the recently released Windows 8 has failed to provide a pop like previous versions of the PC operating system, according to a recent New York Times article, which cited figures from a Microsoft PC maker partner, Acer, and research group NPD. “The thing is, this market is not the same market that Windows 7 or Vista or even XP launched into,” said NPD analyst Stephen Baker. The mobile revolution — smartphones, and especially tablets — are eating into sales of PCs. Friday, the president of another computer maker, Fujitsu, reportedly said Windows 8  demand was weak and that it will miss its annual shipment target for PCs. But the same Bloomberg article mentions that Dell is being more positive, with CEO Michael Dell classifying the interest in Windows 8 as “quite high.”


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  • Vernon

    I only use Windows for Office and I don’t own a windows phone, but wouldn’t it be a good idea for Microsoft to partner with an android developer to create a tablet OS that integrates the windows experience especially if it gets the product to market faster? Can their windows phone OS be adapted to a tablet? And make the experience seamless between devices? I checked their website this morning and didn’t see anything that would hint at something was likely in the works.

  • Levi Sumagaysay

    Windows 8 does attempt to address tablets. See previous GMSV post: http://blogs.siliconvalley.com/gmsv/2012/02/29/peeking-at-windows-8/

  • Bazza

    The actual mistake is trying to “be” a tablet experience on a desktop computer. Also, the Windows 8 interface is never going to catch on in the corporate environment, which is the bread & butter of the OS. All they have to do is offer a switchable interface, so that the user or sysadmin can choose the silly touch interface or a traditional desktop, all their problems would evaporate.

  • redmond

    Melinda – the wealth of your family came from Microsoft CUSTOMERS. Buying a competing product (pardon me, but the Microsoft Zune didn’t compete with the Apple iPod), is not “investing” in it; it’s simply purchasing something that is better or simply does the job satisfactorily. You might pass along to the company that you do invest in (Microsoft) that your children prefer Apple, and that they might consider becoming more competitive in those product lines. If Microsoft isn’t going to be competitive in that technical space then you might just as well make your children happy. And try not to expose them to bigotry at such an early age.

  • apple rocks.. microsoft and windows 8 sucks!!