McAfee’s girlfriends en route as he hits on other women in Miami

The young girlfriends of Silicon Valley software guru John McAfee apparently are heading for a reunion with him in Miami, where McAfee is spending his time granting media interviews and hitting on women.
McAfee, 67, has said that he pines for his 17- and 20-year-old girlfriends from Belize and would only return to Belize — where he remains a “person of interest” in the investigation of his neighbor’s death — to rescue his girlfriends Amy and Samantha if they became detained by authorities..
In a Wednesday posting on McAfee’s blog,, someone wrote under the headline “Update on Amy and Samantha” that, “We have just heard from John. Amy and Samantha have safely crossed the border into Honduras, and are in an undisclosed village there, where they will remain until such time as they are brought to the United States. John shall post an update sometime next week.”
But after arriving in Miami last week from a Guatemalan detention center, McAfee’s been busy in the company of other women, according to photos of him and a piece in the Miami New Times written by Michael E. Miller.
Miller, joined by a female reporter from the Miami Herald, wrote that he spent four hours with McAfee, who was fueled by money sent to him by the person who runs his blog.
“During the four hours we spent together,” Miller wrote, “I heard him plead his innocence, watched him blow well over $1,000, and witnessed him hit on a half-dozen women.
“… He said that he cared deeply for both of his girlfriends, Amy and Sam, and was worried for their safety in Guatemala, but that monogamy and love were illusions. … ‘I don’t sleep with Amy anymore. She tried to kill me four times. She stabbed me ….. I’m deaf in one ear because she tried to shoot me in the head. Since we stopped having sex, she hasn’t tried to kill me. Not even once.’
“McAfee then offered to hook me up with his sadistic ex,” Miller wrote. ‘Amy is not going to want to skin you alive,’ he said, ‘because she will notice that you are actually faithful to women.'”
Miller wrote that “Over the next three hours, he would frequently suggest that I take the Herald reporter on a date, only to warn he would swoop in for the kill if I didn’t.”
As they walked along Miami’s Lincoln Road eating $24 worth of green tea ice cream with chopsticks, McAfee turned to Miller and said, “‘You’ve got ten minutes to ask her out,’ he said, pointing to the Herald reporter. ‘After that, I’m going to enter the competition.'”
While shopping for a phone capable of calling Guatemala, Miller wrote that McAfee, “instantly began flirting with the woman behind the counter, taking out a Marlboro and asking her for a light. ‘Do I know you?’ she said with a laugh.
“‘I dated your sister, remember?’ McAfee responded. ‘She got so upset when I snuck into your room that one night. But it was worth it. You did things that I don’t even think there are names for.’ He forked over $438 for a phone, including $300 credit to call Amy and Sam.’
“By now, McAfee apparently thought his lessons had been wasted on me,” Miller wrote. “I had not become the ‘King Kong’ he said I really was, so he turned to the Herald reporter. ‘I haven’t seen a movie in two years,’ he said. ‘You want to go see a movie tonight?'”




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