McAfee suddenly silent, cites Conn. school shooting

John McAfee’s whereabouts are unknown and he’s taken himself off of the media radar for now, citing the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.
After leaving Guatemala and landing in Miami last week, someone writing in the third person about the Silicon Valley software guru-turned-Belizean-fugitive posted on his blog that, “John is traveling without much internet access at the moment, and will be posting an update sometime tomorrow. More soon!”
Then Monday morning, McAfee apologized for his uncharacteristic silence.
“I apologies (sic) for my recent absence and lack of updates,” he wrote on his blog, “Due to the terrible events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton (sic) Conn, I have decided to take a few days absence from public life. I will resume with my blog activities in a few days. Do your best to forget the name of the shooter, and remember the innocent victims of this terrible act.”
McAfee then listed the names of the victims.


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