Apple’s marketing videos are a big hit – like most everything else Apple does

Variety has its Top Ten Online Film Trailers of 2012.

RVGuide has its Top  Land Yachts (including the impressive-sounding 2012 Thor Motor Coach Chateau 23U)

And now Apple can tout its Top Viral Videos of the past year, thanks to Visible Measures, a video-measuring firm that  analyzed and broke down the numbers of views for Apple’s top ten promotional videos.

While the 10 enjoyed  an aggregate  total of nearly 40 million views, that pales compared with Visible Measure’s Most-Watched Video Ad Campaign of the year, a spot by Invisible Children that has drawn  more than 213 million views so far. (Visible Measure says it counts “true reach views,” which include initial views once Apple releases a video plus subsequent ads whenever that video is passed on to others.)

Still, Apple’s most popular clip, starring its creative guru Sir Jony Ive waxing poetic for seven minutes on why the new iPhone 5 is such an insanely incredible and life-changing invention, didn’t do half bad:  13.3 million views and counting.

Have a look:

Visible Measure’s Matt  Fiorentino said he was surprised by a couple of the results  on the Apple Top Ten, which includes both TV and web-only videos produced by the Cupertino tech giant. One was the fact that the list included no “Apple Genius” clips, like that one where Apple’s  blue-shirted know-it-all  comes to the rescue of a fellow airplane passenger desperately trying to put together an iMovie for his wedding anniversary.

“That one has had 1.3 million views, so it didn’t make the Top Ten, which was surprising, given all the controversy around the ad,” said Fiorentino. “There was so much backlash against it because people felt Apple was portraying its customers as perhaps less tech-savvy than they consider themselves.”

Fiorentino said he was also struck by the fact that Apple’s Siri ads featuring actors  Zoe Deschanel and Samuel Jackson did so much better with viewers than those starring  famed director Martin Scorsese and actor John Malkovich.

Go figure.

Says Fiorentino: “I guess it just boils down to the amount of cache  each of these celebrities has online.”



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