Hoax-loving McAfee said run from Belize was no hoax

John McAfee’s blog, www.whoismcafee.com, asks the media to respect his privacy but the Silicon Valley software guru nevertheless continues to grant interviews and told CNBC’s Squawk Box Friday morning that he loves drugs but doesn’t do them anymore and that it’s easy to make money. The hard part is keeping money, McAfee said.
Pressed on his net worth, McAfee initially told CNBC he had no idea but eventually said he had less than $5 million.
On Thursday, after landing in Miami from a Guatemala detention center, McAfee told reporters that he had left 15 properties and $20 million in assets in neighboring Belize, where police still want to question him as a person of interest in the killing of his neighbor, Gregory Viant Faull, 52.
McAfee told CNBC that he would “shine shoes if I had to.”
“Making money is easy,” he said. “Any idiot can make money, it’s keeping it that’s the hard part.”
McAfee loves hoaxes but told CNBC that his run from police in Belize was no hoax.
“I do love hoaxes,” he said, “but not ones that result in my detention in Guatemalan jails.”
McAfee has said he no longer drinks or does drugs and did not like his neighbor, Faull, in part because Faull liked to drink.
Asked by CNBC about his personal drug use, McAfee said, “Bath salts are used by people that don’t have a lot of money that make them want to eat people’s faces. If I decided to start using drugs again, I have the resources to use good drugs”




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  • Please stop telling us about McAfee. It’s just another Lindsay Lohan story of a once-significant person who wasted his money on drugs. If Dan Nakaso wants to write about this, go to People or the National Enquirer. They publish garbage. He’ll feel at home there.