Apple gives us Siri; author falls in love with her

“I love you, Siri,” says the voice bubble above  the animated stick man on the first page of Siri & Me: A Modern Love Story, David Milgrim’s cartoon ode to our new and favorite Gadget-Gal Friday.

The book’s not yet out, but we received an unproofed copy. And it’s adorable.

The back cover jacket gives the overview: “Dave” has a social life that’s “almost entirely electronic.” Like so many of us, right? He, of course, is thrilled to learn that Apple’s new iPhone comes equipped with a, well, with a girlfriend. After all, says the jacket plug: “Siri’s much easier to talk to than any girl he’s ever dated. She really gets him.”

And off he goes. If you love Siri, you’ll love Siri & Me.

Coming soon from blue rider press, a member of Penguin.

Would this, perhaps, be the  perfect Christmas gift for your favorite fanboy or fangirl?

Just ask You-Know-You.




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