TV shopping? You may see some odd sizes

You’ve likely seen 32-, 46-inch and 55-inch TVs. But have you seen any 29- or 39-inch models?

If not, you may soon. In an effort to help particular models stand out in a crowded market, TV makers have been ramping up their production of models in non-standard sizes.

According to a new report from NPD DisplaySearch, these new sizes of TVs accounted for 12 percent of all televisions shipped in the third quarter of this year, up from just 5 percent in the first quarter. By the first quarter of next year, DisplaySearch expects them to acccount for 15 percent of all TVs shipped.

In addition to models with 29-inch and 39-inch screens, these new TVs also include ones with screens of 28-, 43-, 48, 50-, 58- and 60-inches.

Many of the manufacturers that are focusing on these non-standard sized TVs are second- or third-tier manufacturers, including AOC, Haier and TCL. But some of the major TV brands have also jumped on board. Samsung is shipping a 28-inch TV, Sharp a 29-inch model and Toshiba a 39-inch one, according to DisplaySearch.

New manufacturing techniques have allowed display makers to manufacturer larger sized models more efficiently, the research firm said. The new TV sizes should allow electronics companies to offer bigger TVs for little extra money.


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