McAfee comes clean on fake identity, cuts ties with Vice magazine for outing his location

John McAfee, the Silicon Valley software guru who might be released from detention in Guatemala Wednesday, acknowledged on his blog that he had been posting under someone else’s name and said that he cut off his relationship with Vice magazine for revealing that he was in Guatemala.
McAfee, who is wanted by authorities in neighboring Belize as a “person of interest” in the killing of his neighbor, had his Guatemalan location revealed when Vice magazine ran a photo that Tweeters immediately tracked to Guatemala.
McAfee initially claimed that he had intentionally manipulated his cell phone to give a bogus Guatemalan location. Then he later came clean.
But in a blog post Tuesday written by “Harold M” — whom McAfee later admitted was really himself writing under a friend’s name — Harold M wrote that McAfee was done with Vice magazine “based on new information.”
McAfee wrote (or did he?) that, “Due to information just received, It is no longer clear to Mr. McAfee that the ‘accidental’ release of his co-ordinates due to Vice Magazine’s editorial department’s failure to remove location data from their now notorious photo, was indeed an accident. This incident led directly to Mr. McAfee’s arrest. The reason, possibly, was that Vice wanted exclusive access to Mr. McAfee’s arrest, which they in fact obtained and broadcast. This, and subsequent developments, including a breach of verbal contract, has led Mr. McAfee to terminate all contact with Vice.
Mr. McAfee does not believe that the two reporters travelling with him knew in advance, or in any way aided and abetted Vice’s plan to ‘out’ him.”
Harold M, aka McAfee, did not explain what verbal contract he had with Vice magazine.
McAfee wrote that he used his friend’s name, Harold M, because “Belize officials were reading my blog constantly so I could not post under my own name. Hence, my friend Harold let me use his name. Apparently it worked.
A couple of times I logged in as myself for a while just to confuse an already confused beaurocracy (sic) in Belize. I would like to thank Harold for lending me his name by the way.
You guys have been great.
P.S. I told no-one (sic) the real reason for Harold’s existence until now. Also, I apologize for all the comments I deleted from you clever folks who figured out that Harold was me. I hope you are no longer offended.”
Harold M had earlier blogged that McAfee would be released Wednesday morning but had no immediate plans.




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