Taiwanese animation of McAfee’s exploits fills Friday’s McAfee news void

There seems to be a temporary news blackout of John McAfee’s comings and goings Friday — not even a single blog post from the Silicon Valley software guru following his two heart attacks that turned out to be stress, hypertension and an abnormally rapid heart beat.
So into the McAfee news void steps those whacky animators from Taiwan, Next Media Animation.
The 2:10 video posted on YouTube is conveniently sub-titled for English speakers, but the animation speaks for itself.

The video opens with McAfee rising out of a hiding place in the ground before entering a room outfitted with a James Bond-like assortment of weapons, where he conveniently pulls out a triple bunk bed armed with three attractive women for McAfee to select from.

With the help of one of the women, McAfee begins transforming himself into disguises with the help of salon-quality equipment.

Spoiler alert: The ending involves a catapult and a Trojan Horse.




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