Quoted: Issa proposes moratorium on Internet regulations

“Together, we can make Washington take a break from messing w/ the Internet.”

— Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., in a Reddit post Tuesday seeking input for a bill he’s proposing that would impose a two-year ban on new Internet regulations by the U.S. government. Issa is one of Capitol Hill’s most outspoken voices when it comes to tech issues, and was a vocal opponent of SOPA legislation earlier this year. But critics were quick to voice skepticism about his plan, noting that it could be used to block pending cybersecurity and online privacy bills backed by the Obama administration, as well as potential new laws on net neutrality. “Open internet? That’s a good thing,” Gizmodo’s Leslie Horn wrote. “But a law that keeps congress from governing? That’s not a good thing — the internet is a big place, and the language of this law is very broad. . . . a blanket ban on legislation is a bad idea.” Issa plans to hold a live Reddit discussion on the proposal at 7:30 a.m. (PST) today.




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  • Bryan

    By all means let’s take a break from Washington messing with any corporation, anywhere, for any purpose whatsoever.

    After all, the corporation is the living embodiment of the free market, and anyone who isn’t for freedom isn’t an American. We must put a stop to those sneaking socialists in Congress, who would deprive us of our God given freedom.

    (How’d I do? I’ve been reading Machiavelli a lot lately, but don’t feel I’ve quite got it right yet. Sadly, Eva Peron’s press agent is dead, along with her wardrobe mistress.)

  • dermbuilder

    The trouble is corporations often do evil. Their purpose is to make
    a profit, and that often works against standards of basic morality.
    If all corporations could be trusted to do what we all know is right,
    then I would say not to restrict them with regulations, but we the
    public need to be protected from them, so regulations are nessisary
    for public well being.