Cyber Monday shoppers prefer laptops, PCs, then smart phones

IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark analyzed terabytes of data from 500 retailers around the country to conclude that this year’s Cyber Monday set a new record for online sales.
While online shoppers overwhelmingly relied on PCs and laptops, the IBM data showed that a majority of shoppers who used hand-held devices preferred smart phones (58.1 percent) over tablets (41.9 percent) for their Cyber Monday shopping.
Among tablet and smart phone users, the iPad was preferred by 7 percent of online customers, followed by the iPhone at 6.9 percent and Android at 4.5 percent.
Dissecting the universe of shoppers using tablets, the iPad clearly dominated and was preferred by 90.5 percent of customers. Coming in a very distant second was the Amazon Kindle (with only 2.6 percent of shoppers using tablets), the Samsung Galaxy (2 percent) and Barnes and Noble’s Nook (0.6 percent).




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