Apple tells its map guy to get lost

After weeks of embarrassing fallout over its new and seriously misguided Maps App featured in the iPhone 5, Apple has reportedly fired the manager who oversaw the troubled software.

Longtime Apple employee Richard Williamson, who goes way back with former CEO Steve Jobs to his days at NeXT in the ’80s and ’90s, was given the boot by Apple SVP Eddy Cue, according to “multiple sources” quoted by Bloomberg.

Williamson’s head would not be the first to roll over the Mapsgate debacle. After the Maps’  inglorious launch in late September, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a public mea culpa over the program that, among other things, misidentified famous landmarks and sent users on wild and dead-ended goose chases. Then, in October, Cook sent longtime Apple exec and iOS chief Scott Forstall packing,  reportedly for his failure to admit  his Maps team had screwed up.

Williamson on Tuesday was  still listed as an employee on his LinkedIn profile, and Apple did not immediately return calls for comment.

Stay tuned – and keep your eyes on the road!



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