Apple delay in Silicon Valley headquarters not exactly shocking

No real surprise that construction on Apple’s HQ, aka The Spaceship, is running behind schedule, according to Bloomberg and about a million other news outlets.

Although, I had a thought: If Apple wants to speed things up with a streamlined project, they might consider launching a Headquarters Mini. Just saying.

Anyway the edifice, first envisioned by the late Steve Jobs, is going to be one of the biggest — and I’d argue oddest — office buildings in the world. These things take time.

What is surprising about this whole thing is the world-wide fascination with all things apple. The news here is that a neighborhood in Cupertino and Sunnyvale gets a year or so reprieve before traffic is totally screwed up around their homes.

Oh and that Apple removed a foot bridge over a creek from its plans.

“There’s nothing super-significant,” said David Brandt, Cupertino’s city manager told Bloomberg. “I think they are just constantly trying to improve the project.” Apple declined to comment further on the revised proposal.

Apple declined to comment? Shocker.

Other than the foot bridge change and a few others, it appears the Cupertino maker of all things wickedly cool still plans to drop an all-glass building resembling the Meadowlands on what was once a Hewlett Packard campus.

Boomberg explains that the doughnut-like building will be 2.8 million square feet, which in real estate terms is a real lot. About 14,000 people will work there, Apple says, and 10,500 people will park there.

This being a public process, requiring various city approvals, you do have an odd chance to actually see what the notoriously secretive Apple is up to. Well, except in this case, your right to know is going to be somewhat delayed due to that world-wide fascination I mentioned.

Check this from the Bloomberg story:

“The city plans to post the new plan online after Thanksgiving, by which time it will have added enough servers to handle the torrent of traffic it expects from Apple fans, said Aarti Shrivastava, Cupertino’s director of community development.”

Can’t wait.


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  • Johnny Quark

    This does not seem to resemble a spaceship to me. It resembles a round ring building.

  • Rob

    What do i think? I think its monstrosity, which will likely be difficult place for people get in and park. Likely later be difficult lease out once Apple done using it.