Tesla Motors wins a round against the auto dealers

Last month, auto dealer associations in New York and Massachusetts sued Tesla Motors, claiming the electric vehicle maker’s high-end stores violate state franchise laws.

CEO Elon Musk fired back against the dealers in a lengthy blog post: http://bit.ly/Rq6tij

Last week, a Massachusetts judge denied a request by dealers for a preliminary injunction against Tesla. Tesla has 22 stores nationwide, and the ruling allows Tesla to continue operating at the mall in Natick, Ma.  Automotive News has the full story: http://bit.ly/T9Xhi5

No legal action has been taken against Tesla in California.


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    • John

      I second that!

    • Paul Stalker

      Tesla has just begun to belt the major car companies and I imagine that they and oil companies for that matter perceive that they have so much to loose by the introduction of an electric vehicle into the market if it can be shown that this type of vehicle can be successful as a mode of transport for the masses.
      Tesla is doing just that. Their car design is relatively simple and eliminates the complex and costly internal combustion engine.That wipes out the traditional car companies profits from the sale of all those engine parts. Belts, air filters, oil filters, hoses, coolant, water pumps, starter motors etc etc that are worth millions in income to them.