Zynga’s woes continue

Gamers, investors and executives are fleeing Zynga, and the Wall Street Journal reports that all the upheaval has driven CEO Mark Pincus to “near tears.” Pincus is reportedly being counseled by Apple board member Bill Campbell on, among other things, improving his management skills.

The latest executive departure: Treasurer Mike Gupta is leaving for a finance job at Twitter, Bloomberg reported Thursday. He’s among the more than half-dozen senior executives who have headed for the exits in the past few months.

Shares of the San Francisco-based social-games maker were off about 4 percent to $2.19 as of this post, not too far off from their lowest closing price of $2.10 reached last month. Zynga went public last year at a valuation of $9 billion; its market value has fallen to $2 billion.


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