Beware of texted gift scam

Thousands of people are receiving phony text messages on their mobile phones saying they’ve won a free $1,000 Best Buy gift card as part of a cyber scheme, according to the online consumer complaint site Scambook.

“Members of our community alerted us to this fraud,” said Kase Chong, Scambook’s director of marketing. “They are receiving text messages from different telephone numbers, but are all being directed to a handful of websites like in an effort to solicit their personal information.”

Best Buy official Maggie Habashy confirmed that “this is a scam,” and added the promotion is “in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Best Buy.”

Scambook officials advise consumers not to respond to the text message.


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  • I can’t believe up until now there are still scammers like those. How do I know? I just recently received a text saying I won a 6-digit cash. They just can’t do anything better in their life, can they? What I do is that I immediately erase the message and the number, and just give no d*mn about it.