Recommended: Super Scratch Programming Adventure

Over the past few months, as my 9-year-old and I have explored ways for him learn how to make video games, he’s gotten quite passionate about Scratch.

I’ve mentioned it before (See here for resources to kids who want to make video games.) But in case you haven’t heard of it, Scratch is a programming language developed for kids by the good folks at MIT.

By good fortune, a few weeks ago, I received a review copy of “Super Scratch Programming Adventure!” by The Lead Project and published by No Starch Press. You can find the materials related to the book here.

From the moment it arrived, my son practically grabbed it out of my hands, and started right in.

The book is written like a comic book. You follow “Mitch,” the computer science student, and “Scratchy,” the orange cat that is the first character you meet when you download and launch the Scratch programming interface.

After a quick overview, the book takes the reader right into building animations and games.

My son built the first one fairly quickly. He’s started in one some of the other projects, but he’s also started improvising his own games.

What’s most impressive, and something I think any parent can appreciate, is that he’s been almost totally self-motivated. And the book is written at a level where he’s able to read and comprehend the instructions with only occasional help from me.

If you’re looking for a way to get your kid interested in programming, and Scratch in particular, I can’t recommend this Scratch book enough.