Groupon stock continues march into oblivion after Q3 earnings disappoint

If you wonder whether things can get worse for former daily deal wunderkind Groupon, the company today answered with a resounding: “Yes!”

Groupon released earnings for the third quarter, and Wall Street is just a tad disappointed with the Chicago-based daily deals site. By “just a tad,” we mean, well, furious. That anger is driving down Groupon’s stock by  12.76 cents in after-hours trading to $3.42. Groupon had closed  Thursday up 4.26% or $0.16 to $3.92 in regular trading. But any optimism that signaled quickly vanished.

Groupon posted a loss of $2.98 million on revenue of $568.6 million for the quarter. Analysts had expected earnings of 3 cents per share and revenue of $590.1 million. The silver lining: Revenue was up from the $430.2 million posted in the same period last year.




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  • Mas

    Is there any amount of money large enoguh to convince Groupon’s founder, Andrew Mason, to sell his company? Maybe maybe not. But one thing is for certain: $6 billion is not a very convincing number.