“We Blog The World” re-launches as global travel magazine

For Silicon Valley globetrotters, there’s no shortage of places where they can find international news. But to help travelers find info on cultural and entertainment happenings, valley veteran Renee Blodget has re-launched We Blog The World.

The blog began life as a network for independent writers. But now it’s been re-designed and expanded to include coverage of places and events around the world. Blodgett says the content will focus on helping the “discerning and well-traveled globetrotter” find new and un-discovered places and events.

Said Blodgett: “We provide comprehensive and in-depth coverage of unique global cultural events, as well as other things important to a successful travel experience.”

The site also includes travel tips, product reviews, and stories that explore how a particular travel experience changed someone’s life.

Beyond the Web site, you can find  We Blog the World on Facebook, Twitter: @weblogtheworld, YouTube and Pinterest.



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