Netflix, Icahn have something they can agree on: Higher stock price.

In my Netflix article today, I mentioned the company’s battle with famed investor Carl Icahn only in passing.

The article is focused on the state of Netflix, not specifically on Icahn’s investment or the company’s attempt to counter his influence. But I did ask Netflix spokesman Jonathan Friedland about Icahn’s investment  — and received a noteworthy response.

Icahn’s contention is that Netflix is undervalued and that the company might be able to maximize its worth by selling to another company. Friedland’s response to that notion was that the company’s stock has been beat up because its investments in content deals and in its international expansion have hurt its bottom line — investments that the company has clearly outlined to investors.

“It’s not surprising to me or anyone else that the stock price has been depressed,” Friedland said. “Icahn wants a higher stock price; so do we. Who doesn’t?”



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