Start-Ups: Silicon Valley’s Hermione Way is killing it over Sarah Austin on Twitter

Not that either one would care, but Bravo star Hermione Way is way more popular than rival Sarah Austin on Bravo’s new horror show, I mean reality show, “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley.”

Oh wait they would care, because this is a reality show — where young, hip entrepreneurs party a lot, remove their clothes a lot, act like boors a lot and try to raise money a lot — and so someone has to be having a blood feud with someone. Those someones are Hermione and Sarah.

And it turns out that no matter who is sleeping with whom — and who wants to be — Hermione is killing it on Twitter, relatively speaking.

Viralheat, an outfit that does social media sentiment analysis, says that during the show’s debut, Hermione scored 350 Twitter mentions by 249 distinct authors while Sarah rated 264 mentions from 163 authors.

This being Election Day, let me say these are very early returns (first show and all), but the social media chatter about Hermoine, whose big moment in Episode No. 1 is taking a snooze under a venture capitalist’s desk, is far more favorable than what all the kids are saying about Sarah.

Viralheat says the sentiment of social media chatter about Hermione was 82 percent positive, while the commentary about Sarah was only 68 percent positive.

What do you mean, you’ve never heard of “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley? Have you been living under a rock? Start-Ups, which debuted on Bravo on Monday, has been ripped to shreds all the way up Highway 101 and back down Interstate 280.

It’s vapid, distorted, set in San Francisco and Silicon Valley hates it.

But who needs Silicon Valley when  you have the Twitterati?


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  • cuhsandra

    you’re right no one cares and that chick is ugly anyway!

  • silly con

    I’m not surprised. That girl Sarah told several whoppers within the first couple of minutes of opening her mouth. Apparently she sold things on Ebay when she was 6 years old – which would be several years before Ebay was even launched. She also claimed to be video blogging and lifecasting for 13 years – an obvious lie. Hermione seemed nicer but unprofessional. Most of their ideas stunk. What an embarrassment this show is!

  • Simply Ridiculous.

    Besides the “Little Girls” that desperately need to Grow-Up, It is not about Start-Ups, It’s about Twits that drink too much and take thier clothes off. Just another stupid ass reality show selling Sex and Entertainment to the Dim-Whitted and Unemployed Dreamer. I applaud any persons efforts to be an Entrepreneur, however I doubt any Good Candidate/s for such could stomach such an atrocity. But hey, Sarah and Hermione are easy on the eyes…….another great show BRAVO!!