Quoted: on synthetic biology, cloning and the SATs

“At some point, someone will come up with an airtight argument as to why they should have a cloned child. At that point, cloning will be acceptable. At that point, people will already be choosing traits for their children. What politician will tell a parent that they can’t spend their hard-earned money on getting an extra 50 SAT points for their child as long as it’s safe?”

George Church, genetics professor at Harvard, founder of the Personal Genome Project and author of the new book “Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves,” which explores how DNA can be programmed for new biological creations, such as seeds that grow into furniture — skipping the whole tree stage. And creating Neanderthal cells. “The cheap human genome was supposed to arrive 50 years from now. It arrived this year. What if a cheap Neanderthal or mammoth arrives 50 years ahead of time?” Church told Bloomberg Businessweek.


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  • Bryan

    “What politician will tell a parent…”

    Any and all of the ones who hang out at God’s little C Street playhouse, you disingenuous dolt. After all, illiterate, innumerate children are The Lord’s will – just ask a Texan.