Apple iPad Mini has potential for mini accessory boom

OK, you’ve got your iPad Mini — yippee! Now, what are you going to do with it?

No, silly, not what apps are you going to use. How are you going to be rockin’  it?

If you’re a woman, particularly a woman who carries a purse, you might be in luck. The thing will probably fit in a purse. If you’re a guy, particularly if you’re not a fully-evolved guy comfortable carrying a purse, you might have a problem.

My colleague Troy Wolverton just demonstrated that the Mini will fit in the back pocket of a pair of blue jeans. That is if you don’t mind looking like the fashion equivalent of a pickup driving down the freeway with a huge extension ladder hanging off the back. (Read Troy’s review of the Mini here.)

And if you’re a really big guy, who wears really big suits, you might be able to fit the thing in an inside pocket. (I’m waiting for the first “my iPad saved my life” story, in which a bullet is deflected by tablet in a suit coat.)

But most guys are in trouble. Here I see opportunity. No doubt many entrepreneurial spirits are already hard at work coming up with convenient ways for purse-averse men to carry the 5.3-by-7.88-inch tablet.

What about a stylish satchel, sort of along the mini-messenger bag? Or how about a contraption like a harmonica holder that would hold your Mini at eye level out in front of your face? Take that Google glasses.

Or my own idea: iPad Mini on a rope? OK, maybe not.

But there’s going to be something. So maybe you should get to work.


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