Quoted: on Russia’s new Internet censorship law

“[This technology] allows the state to peer into everyone’s Internet traffic and read, copy or even modify e-mails and webpages.”

Eric King, head of research at Privacy International, talks about deep-packet inspection technology being used to carry out Russia’s new Internet blacklist law. King tells Wired that “no Western democracy has yet implemented” such a system, which allows for specific filtering of Internet content. The new law is being billed as a way to protect children online from pedophiles and other harmful content, allowing the government to blacklist and force some websites offline. But some fear it will go further. Yuri Vdovin of Citizens’ Watch told the BBC “the government will start closing other sites — any democracy-oriented sites are at risk of being taken offline.” Russia’s telecom minister reportedly has said the “Internet will always be a free territory.”


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  • Bryan

    “Save our children” is first, foremost, and always a rallying cry for fascists.