Stock watch: Apple, EA, LinkedIn, Yelp

Stock watching in light of earnings and other news:

Apple, which fired a couple of key executives this week in what the Wall Street Journal is now calling the true beginning of the Tim Cook era, is seeing its shares fall nearly 2 percent to $592.72 as of this post. The early reviews of the recently unveiled iPad mini are in, and they’re mixed.

Electronic Arts, which reported earnings Tuesday, is up more than 2 percent to $12.19 as of this post. The Redwood City-based video game maker’s shares are up despite issuing a lower third-quarter (which includes the holidays) forecast. But cost cuts reportedly helped its second-quarter profit beat Wall Street’s expectations.

• Professional network site LinkedIn of Mountain View and online-reviews spot Yelp, based in San Francisco, which are scheduled to report earnings Thursday, were both up more than 1 percent as of this post. LinkedIn was up about 1.5 percent to $106.12; Yelp was rising about 1.2 percent to $23.45.


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  • Non Stockwatcher

    Okay, I’m officially bored. I have always read GMSV for the tech news, tech company news, and tech newsmakers news. Telling me what the stock prices are doing every day is a waste of my time and of GMSV page space. Really, I could read the WSJ for this.

  • curmudgeon2000

    I’m going to add a big +1, a hearty [AOL]Me too[/AOL], and
    a [facebook]like[/facebook] for good measure.

    With the stock market closed for two days, I was wondering how
    long it would be before another “stock watch” post appeared. And
    like a drunk reaching for their bottle, GMSV couldn’t hold off
    for even one day.

    Regurgitating some daily stock price fluctuations and adding a
    bit of ex post facto explanatory fluff not only barely rises to
    the level of weak journalism, but it is also across-the-board
    laziness. I could pen a lengthy exposition on why this is lame
    on so many levels, but why spend the effort on a blog that is
    unwilling do any work either?

    The Mercury News has lost sight of what blogging is about.
    Where’s the investigative work? Where’s the insightful
    commentary? I can’t remember the last time I saw something on
    GMSV first, or read a piece that offered a perspective I never
    would have seen for myself. GMSV has become the Mercury News
    Business Section Lite. Echoing stock prices and parroting
    company press releases isn’t journalism, it’s being a corporate
    publicity shill.

  • Levi Sumagaysay

    Thanks for your feedback. GMSV is a daily effort that requires me to keep in touch with lots of tech topics. I’m not given time to do investigative pieces, and neither were my predecessors. I’ll keep your criticism in mind, and I’m always reachable by email to discuss your complaints further.

  • curmudgeon2000

    It is the conceit of journalism that news can be presented
    impartially and without bias. That is impossible on its face.
    It’s not just how stories are written. The act of deciding which
    stories are written about — and which are not — introduces its
    own bias.

    By posting so many items about daily stock fluctuations and
    quarterly earnings reports, GMSV is implicitly stating that these
    are the most important aspects about technology news. That’s
    a very dubious position. While I note that there is an audience
    for that kind of reporting, it is not one that is particularly
    interested in technology for its own sake.