EverySignal launches to help cut through the social media clutter

Every few days you’re bound to see it. Someone posts on Facebook upset they’re not seeing all their posts from all their friends.

With 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each month, well, it’s all too much to keep up with, and yet, you can’t but worry about what you’re missing.

That’s where EverySignal comes in. Launching today, the company promises to help make sure you don’t miss the personal events you care most about: Job changes, birthdays, important conversations.

“We really think we’re at the edge of this age of information overload,”  said Derrick Merrill, CEO of EverySignal.  “We want to help people extract value out of their social stream.”

Merrill was based in Berkeley, but has moved to Santa Monica where the company is now based, to partner with Science, the data-focused incubator.

With EverySignal, a user adds their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, and EverySignal monitors for updates involving birthdays, job changes, health, family. You can also set-up keyword searches to scan for conversations on topics of interest.

I’ve been playing with EverySignal for a few days, and I set up a keyword search for “Apple.” Everytime any of my friends on Facebook or LinkedIn mentions “Apple,” it shows up in my EverySignal stream.

EverySignal also sends out a daily email with updates of the life events or the keyword searches you create. It’s kind of like a Google alert for Facebook or LinkedIn. Merrill said they’re eventually planing to expand to other social media platforms.



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