A bit of Apple admiralty as Steve Jobs' mega-yacht sets sail

With Steve Jobs’  family members looking on, the Apple co-founder’s Philippe Starck-designed super-yacht – dubbed  “Venus” – has  been launched, according to Dutch Apple blog  One More Thing.

When Dutch shipbuilder Feadship formally unveiled Venus on Sunday in Aalsmeer, the design of the streamlined 262-foot vessel struck some observers as pure Apple  poetry: as minimalist as the new iMac unveiled last week.

In fact, according  to reports, the iMac is literally an integral part of the design, as  seven of the iconic Apple computers act as Venus’ navigational brain, keeping its systems ship-shape.

The sleek design was no accident. Up until the time he died in late 2011, Jobs worked closely with the shipbuilders to create  his dream vessel with all the bells, whistles and super-clean lines that have made the iPhone and iPad such phenomenal hits with users.

It’s not clear where Venus will call home in the States, but it’s apparently en route. And as the shipbuilding crew bid Venus bon yoyage, each got to cherish a small token of the Jobs’ family appreciation for a job well done, according to the Dutch bloggers: “an iPod shuffle with a “Venus” engraving, along with a note from the Jobs family thanking them for their craftsmanship.”


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