Quoted: Will political memes render pundits obsolete?

“We are entering a post-pundit era, where people don’t care so much what these talking heads are saying. A lot more is being decided by the online chatter.”

Vincent Harris, a Republican political consultant, on the rise of political memes online. The latest technology, such as easy publishing tools and social networks, allow for instant “messaging” that can help or hurt a political campaign that has spent a lot of money on pre-prepared advertising. For example, President Obama’s term has coincided with the social-networking phenomenon, so he has been called the first meme president, starting with the now-famous Hope poster. The Merc’s Chris O’Brien has been on something of a meme watch during the recent presidential debates: He wrote about the Big Bird meme after the first debate between Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, and noted how “binders full of women,” a phrase uttered by Romney during the second debate, went viral.


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  • RedRat

    Whether you are socializing online or a pundit talking head, at the end of the day it all comes down to what the candidate stands for and his/her policies. In the days of yore, we hand only a limited number of news channels for pundits, now with the Internet, we have literally have thousands, if not millions. What once passed for rational discourse now has become a Tower of Babel.