Tablets news dispenser: Apple iPad mini the day after, plus early Microsoft Surface reviews

• There is, of course, iPad mini news galore. The Merc’s Troy Wolverton writes that it’s a good tablet at the wrong price — as GMSV pointed out yesterday, the mini’s starting price of $329 compared with $200 or under for similar 7-inch tablets could prove to be big — and many analysts agree. CNN asks if people really want a smaller iPad from Apple.

And in case you missed it, Apple also announced a new, “regular” size iPad, leading some Apple who bought their iPad 3s just seven months ago to grumble. The Merc’s John Boudreau writes for SiliconBeat that Apple customers responding to an online poll felt “cheated” — but that many of them would be buying the new iPad.

• And then there’s the Surface, the first Microsoft-branded tablet that runs on Windows RT, a limited version of Windows 8. Early reviews are in, and they’re mixed. AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg says he likes the Surface, and that “it may give you the productivity some miss in other tablets.” Matthew Honan for Wired: “This is one of the most exciting pieces of hardware I’ve ever used. It is extremely well-designed; meticulous even.” But Honan also writes: “It is, in some ways, better than an iPad. In some ways, worse.” And David Pogue of the New York Times calls the hardware “amazing,” but labels the software “heartbreak” because Windows RT can’t run full Windows programs. Microsoft promises that capability will be available on Surface Pro, which it says is coming in three months. The official release of Surface and of Windows 8 is Friday.


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  • Chokkalingam

    I have grown up on Microsoft products since 1985 and never wanted to go away from Winows 7 right now. What is wrong with Microsoft startup software is that it lends itself to loading all the software you look at and so the memory is reduced considerably. If only Microsoft gets smart and puts in a button for user with drop off software applications they are not using at the moment, thus creating more memory for the main application being used, Microsoft Windows would be more desired.
    Appple IOS is more easy to use and you never come across shortage of memory.

  • RedRat

    Hey why do the Apple fanboys grumble about a new release. For crying out loud, this is a pattern that Apple has gone through for so long, you would think that these people would expect it. Apple is milking its fan base about every 12 to 18 months. Hey it’s a great gig if you can get it. Now that MSFT is making their own computer, expect the same type of shuck and jive.