Gamble to get iPad mini cases out early

Days before the public could get a glimpse of the much-anticipated iPad mini, cases for Apple’s newest tablet were already flooding the market.

In the past, Apple hasn’t taken kindly to companies that push accessories before the official hardware announcement. Manufacturers could get the size or shape wrong — embarrassing for the company and frustrating for consumers — but it appears that, for some, the publicity of staying a stride ahead of Apple’s product launches is worth the risk.

Accessory manufacturers threw caution to the wind to unveil cases for the downsized version of the iPad before getting confirmation of the tablet’s specs. While there has for weeks been agreement on the screen size — 7.85 inches versus the iPad’s 9.7 -– Apple, in usual form, kept all details secret until Tuesday’s official  announcement.

Apple accessory company HardCandy touted its newest Shockdrop case in mini size, available for $49.95 with shipping as early as Thursday. is selling a leather case for about half that price — $24.99 – and will ship in a day, and Cygnett reportedly has been selling cases in Australia since early October.



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