Yahoo’s Mayer names her baby Macallister

So now we know: On the day that Marissa Mayer is scheduled to hold her first earnings call as CEO of Yahoo, there’s news that she and her husband, investor Zack Bogue, have named their new baby Macallister.

It seems Mayer has a thing for the letter M.  She and her mother Margaret both have the initials MM.

We know all these things because of the latest scoop from Fortune writer Patricia Sellers, who also broke the news of Mayer’s pregnancy in July, on the day Mayer was named chief executive at Yahoo.

Sellers is a veteran business reporter who also helps oversee Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women in Business” package every year, according to the magazine.

She’s profiled Mayer before.  Sellers is also the reporter who told us that Mayer planned to take only a brief maternity leave and that she intended to do at least some work during that time. Mayer returned to work this month, just two weeks after giving birth.

But back to the latest news: There had been much speculation, at least in some tech circles, about what Mayer and Bogue would name their first-born, especially after it emerged that they had solicited suggestions from friends.

Turns out, it’s Macallister with two ‘L’s.






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