With second presidential debate ending, cue rise of #bindersfullofwomen meme

It’s inevitable. Nothing really happens in this world that truly big if you can’ t turn it into a meme of some kind. After the first debate, we had the Big Bird meme. Though liberals had some chuckles, it didn’t stop Obama from taking a dive in the polls.

I’ll try to collect them here as they emerge. But the first one out of the gate seemed to be the #bindersfullofwomen:

There was the tumblr account. As CNET reports, the URL was quickly registered and the @RomneysBinder Twitter account quickly gained 5,000+ followers.

The #bindersfull of women was also trending on Knowyourmeme.com.

Another emerging meme: #getjeremyajob


Then there are the gifs, nice collected by the Guardian here.

(That would be US gymanist McKayla Maroney, famous for the “McKayla is not impressed meme.”)


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