Apple’s iPhone5 really is pure gold

Finally, just the thing for those who think they’re not paying enough of a coolness premium when they buy one of Apple’s stylish MacBooks, iPhones or iPads.

Alchemy, a Sherman Oaks, Calif., company now lets you add a few thousand dollars to the cost of your stock Apple gizmo by customizing it, including gilding it in 24-karat gold.

You can pick up a gold iPhone5 from Alchemy, for instance, for a cool $1,647.99 plus shipping. Or you can spend $3,397.99 on a golden MacBook Pro, rather than the standard $1,199  your more pedestrian neighbor paid.

Face it, few things better say “I’ve got way more money than I know what to do with.”

According to the Alchemy website:

“No matter where you are, when you pull a 24-karat gold device out of your bag you’re immediately the center of attention.”

No kidding. Especially on the subway or BART, where those making a living snatching iGadgets from distracted riders are finally getting something well worth the trouble.




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