Video: Saturday Night Live sketch compares whiny iPhone 5 complaints to plight of Apple factory workers

If you missed it this weekend, take a few minutes to watch this “Saturday Night Live” skit which skewers whiny iPhone 5 users, tech bloggers, and contrasts their “first world problems” against those of the factory workers in China who build the phones.

The sketch is called “Tech Talk” and creates fake bloggers from real sites such as CNET, Gizmodo and Wired. They fret about the Apple Maps problems and the “purple haze” reported as appearing in some photos.

They are followed by a panel of Chinese workers to offer their own views. The best comeback: “I guess we’re just lucky we don’t need map, because we sleep where we work.”


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  • josiah

    I watched this last night and only laughed at how true and ridiculous it is. Ppl lining up for hours to get some piece of shit phone they really don’t need but think they can’t be without. Disgusts me that this American company doesn’t even have an American product. Chips from Samsung and they cry about they copied our patents. Boo hoo cry me a river. I gotta galaxy s2 i’m not saying its the best phone but I never caught on to the appeal(or lack thereof) of the apple craze.

    • Mark

      The Galaxy is not an”American product”, and neither are you less of a fashion victim than the the average iPhone consumer.

  • Bill

    Josiah, You need to read steve job’s book. When Apple started, virtually 100% of their products were made in the U.S.A.. Due to the huge burden of government bureaucracy in terms of cost but mostly time, Apple was forced to go off shore to survive. Apple was once on the verge of dissapearing but when a new production line can be be up and running in 3 months over in china that is what they had to do to stay in business. If a tech company is late to market by just a few months, that product will likely not succeed.

    • ChrisGNV

      What government bureaucracy would inhibit retooling an existing production line to switch production to a new device? I doubt the validity of that argument. If you were to tell me that it’s more profitable for Apple to pay cheap labor rates in developing countries with little or no environmental or worker protection, than to produce the same in the US, I’d believe you.

  • jeff

    hey bill just keep spouting the steve jobs gospel, thats what all good trained sheep do. if you believe whats in his book you should watch the movie pirates of silicon valley, jobs and gates have been stealing from each other and everyone else since the beginning and you get a glimpse of what he was actually like.

  • josiah

    Well i’m not saying my galaxy s2 is an American product am I? No i’m just stating that I didn’t get into the latest fashion statement of buying an iPhone. I don’t care for the company when I’d they’re American they’re greedy. Its like a kindergarten fued he said she said shit. Even that google guy stated that the patent war its bad for consumers. If its just apple there is no variety. If its just Samsung there’s no variety. Competition I guess they don’t like or want to deal with. But Samsung and apple are both pretty petty for going back and Forth. I bought the s2 before I even knew about these court cases. I just prefer the Android OS over ios. It bothers me to see a damn I in front of everything. Like everyone is tryna be part of Apple or something. Its a stupid fad like skinny Jean gangsters.

  • Sully

    Josiah, you sound really impressed with yourself for not jumping on any bandwagons. you’re like a crankier, nonfunny version of Louis black.
    That sound you hear is the deafening silence of all those who could care less what you think about apple products haha

  • josiah

    Well you seem to care enough to reply to my post. Myb ur one of those tight Jean wearing homosexuals that stood in line for a phone that can’t even take pics without having a purple Hugh to it. U sound bitter cus I voiced my opinion. Idc if you like it or not i’m not here to impress you or anyone else.