Microsoft launches Windows 8 ad blitz with first official television commercial

Microsoft began its countdown to the release of Windows 8 later this month by releasing its first TV ad. As I wrote this week, October is going to be a pivotal month in the history of Microsoft, with Windows 8 coming across a wide range of devices.

The advertising campaign has a positive feel, and shows glimpses of both what the interface looks like and the types of devices where you’ll find it.

Microsoft is trying to emphasize “Reimagined” as the word they want you to associate both with Windows 8 and the company.

Does this make you more excited for the pending release of Windows 8?

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  • John

    OK I did not see anything in that Microsoft Windows 8 ad that would make me want to go out and buy a Windows 8 anything. In fact I guess Microsoft still got some money from me because I just bought a Windows 7 laptop on clearance.
    That hopefully will buy me some time for Microsoft to realize their issues and mistakes with Windows 8 and design Windows 9 or 10 to be way more PC friendly.

  • Gregg Williams

    The message I got was more “Get excited! Get excited!” and not very much “Get excited about WINDOWS 8!” I found the pitch shallow, manipulative, and vague.