Minecraft phenomenon continues with big sales and new Xbox 360 version coming

Minecraft is a big deal around my house. My 9-year-old still plays it religiously, as do many of his friends. And they are very much not alone.

Created by the indie studio Mojang, the PC/Mac version surpassed 25 million downloads earlier this year. That’s astonishing for a game created by a handful of developers, spreading mostly through word of mouth. You pay $20 to download, which means that the folks at Mojang are doing, very, very, well.

But the Minecraft juggernaut has expanded to Xbox 360 where it has also run wild. Earlier this month, Slashgear reported that Minecraft had surpassed 4 million in sales on the Xbox 360 edition:

“For Mojang, Minecraft is the gift that keeps on giving. Perhaps it would better to call it the cash cow that keeps producing that sweet, sweet money, but whatever you want to call it, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most popular indie games ever created.”

Now Xbox fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new Xbox version which should become available later this month:

“The 1.8.2 update for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is still with Microsoft for release certification at the time this article was posted. 4J Studios announced it was sent to certification on Tuesday, October 2. It typically takes one to two weeks for releases to be checked out as acceptable for release on Xbox LIVE.”

All of this Minecraft goodness will culminate next month with fans gather in Paris for the second annual MineCon.

If you’re going, let us know!

(Image via the Independent Games Festival)


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  • Sean

    I believe that the upcoming MineCon is actually the third MineCon. There was one in 2010.

  • bob

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