And we have a winner! Beyond Lucid snares Morgenthaler prize

Way back in May 2011, I wrote about DC to VC, a nationwide contest sponsored by Morgenthaler Ventures to showcase the best ideas in health-information technology.

This afternoon, I got a call from a giddy Jonathon Feit, calling to say his Walnut Creek-based startup had taken home the top spot in the latest version of the competition. Feit’s company, Beyond Lucid, was picked by a panel of VCs from a group of seven finalists that  had been whittled down from some 200 entrants.

Jonathon Feit and Christian Witt

Jonathon Feit and Christian Witt

Beyond Lucid  gives ambulance crews and other medical first responders a mobile electronic health record on patients, so they can begin appropriate treatment even before reaching the hospital. The system also can let hospitals know more about inbound patients; the idea was borne when company co-founder Christian Witt’s father and sister died after a car accident 300 miles outside of Albuquerque. Witt believes they might still be alive if ambulance operators had had a way to notify the closest hospital to scramble a triage team. “The idea’s to empower the medics,” said Feit.

There’s no money attached to winning the prize, which was awarded as part of the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco. But Feit, who previously trained to become an Army combat medic, said the experience of pitching in front of a room full of investors was priceless. “I have a stack of business cards that are weighing down my pocket,” he crowed.





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