Ford exec blasts Oracle on social media for anonymous campaign trashing competitors

Scott Monty is not a household name in Silicon Valley. According to his Twitter profile, he’s head of social media at the Ford Motor Company. He is now, also, officially Oracle’s least biggest fan.

On Tuesday night, Monty took to Twitter and Facebook to accuse Oracle of waging an anonymous  campaign to trash its competitors:

That tweet was retweeted by CEO Marc Benioff, whose company was singled out in some of the literature.

Monty posted photos of the letters on his Facebook account. By “anonymous,” it appears Monty is referring to the fact that while the envelope he received had Oracle’s logo, it did not include the name of the person who sent it.

Inside were three documents. One was a trade publication story referring to outages. One was a photocopy of an old tweet from Benioff in which he says: “Kiss the American auto industry goodbye.” The third is an article noting that Salesforce had hired an executive who had been investigated for corporate espionage in his previous job.

“Hey Oracle, you think sending me an anonymous letter trashing your competition is the way to earn my business? Think again,” Monty wrote on Facebook. “Oh, and this is the 2nd time you’ve done it, which is why I’m sharing it. — at Ford Motor Company World Headquarters.”



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