Look, ye, and despair: Bravo releases preview of horrifying Silicon Valley “reality” show

As threatened, Bravo is moving ahead with plans to air its Silicon Valley reality TV show. Called, cleverly: “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley.” Based on the clips, it appears to make good on its early promise to be every bit as shallow as one might have feared. With any luck, this show will quickly pass off the air and into camp legend.

D-day is Nov. 5. 10 a.m.

According to a summary on the show’s site:

“Bravo Media explores the intertwining lives of a group of young entrepreneurs on the path to becoming Silicon Valley’s next great success stories on Start-Ups: Silicon Valley premiering Monday, November 5 at 10 pm ET/PT. Silicon Valley isn’t a town, a neighborhood, or a zip code. . .it’s a concept; the epicenter for the most revolutionary advances in technology and where the future of tomorrow is being created today. Sarah AustinDwight CrowKim Taylor,David Murray, and brother and sister duo, Benand Hermione Way, all have a unique perspective on the future of technology, business, and how to get ahead in the most competitive culture in the country. These driven, ambitious and highly motivated individuals are all work and all play as they blaze their own paths to become the next Silicon Valley success story. While trying to find balance amidst their complicated social network they discover that in the fast paced world of Silicon Valley success and failure can come and go with just a simple keystroke.”

Try, try to avert your eyes. But like any good horror show, we know you can’t help but watch:



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  • None of these people look remotely like the exhausted, bedraggled startup entrepreneurs I talk to on a regular basis.

    • john fung

      the sad thing about this whole enterprise is that a lot of silicone ville jobs continue to leave the country. this show is an illusion. hell…it looks like the culture 20 years ago when this stuff was possible albeit for a very limited time.

      i wonder how long before the trolling starts on their forums….

  • Jump the Shark moment. I wish this kind of stuff would go away – but that’s like saying that the SJ Merc would take down its paywall and actually participate in the open web (and get rid of the popups.)

    So we’re stuck with randi Zuckerberg and Sarah Austin – and the teenagers will love it. The only thing we can do – is ignore it.