An iPad Mini coming this month? Apple is hush-hush

Just when you thought you’d heard the bulk of 2012’s  breathless rumormongering around an Apple launch (the Sept. 12 debut of the iPhone 5), word is now rampant that Apple may have yet another bombshell up its sleeve.

A new report from Fortune magazine, citing an unnamed “major Apple investor,” suggests that invitations will go out next week for an iPad mini-specific event the following week.

It’s not THAT big of a surprise, since rumors have been out there for months that Apple was working on a cheaper pint-sized 7.85-inch version of its popular 9.7-inch bad boy.

So get your Apple Rumors calendars out and pencil in the following:

Oct. 10: Invites go out for a major Apple event the following week.

Oct. 17: The new iPad Mini is unveiled.

Maybe nothing will happen.

But then again, the Christmas holiday season’s coming soon. And wouldn’t this be the perfect time to pull the curtain off an  iPad Mini-Me?



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  • Larry Butler

    Does this mean Apple will be suing all the previous manufacturers of mini tablets because Apple just invented it?…(c;]

    Can it play DivX movies direct from my USB flashdrive?