With Facebook’s Real Gifts, it’s the thought that counts — sort of

Hey, Facebook has figured out another way for us to spend our money, which is a good thing, because after all FB could use the cash.

The offering? Facebook Real Gifts, as opposed to fake gifts, which people actually have been giving to each other since about the time Facebook started. A gift’s a gift, right? Better than a sharp stick in the eye. Or  a poke. Remember pokes?

Hey, is it just me or does a gift that you have to pick out yourself, after you’ve typed in your address so the gift can be sent to you, start to feel a little less like a gift?

Not to mention that whoever gave you the gift only gave you the thing because Facebook reminded them that it was your birthday. No doubt Facebook will soon cut out the middle man and simply send you a gift on behalf of your friend without said friend being any the wiser.

All of which leads to a twist on that old post-gift conversation.

You: “Aww. You shouldn’t have.”

Friend: “I didn’t.”


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