OnLive Founder Steve Perlman Contributed $50,000 To Ex-Employee Healthcare Fund

Things on the OnLive front have been quiet lately as we wait to see whether the company under new ownership and turn things around. But we came across one nice footnote to that very ugly episode when a former employee pointed us to this campaign to raise money to help some former OnLive-ers pay their health care costs.

Launhced at, the campaign states:  

“This is a fund to help families in need of money to maintain medical coverage until their next job.We are concentrating on helping as many Ex-OnLive families as we can for September. If there are funds left over, or additional funds come in, we will then see who still needs help in October, etc.”

The campaign hoped to raise $10,000, but quickly raised $55,995.00. How did it get there? Check out the first comment, from former Onlive CEO and founder Steve Perlman:

Nice gesture. We only wish more CEOs looked after even their ex-employees as well as Perlman.


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