Minecraft becomes top XBOX game; rolled out to Kindle Fire

The little game that could just keeps trucking along. Minecraft has become a huge staple around my house, and it continues to explode in popularity around the world.

Earlier this year, Minecraft set records by becoming the fastest selling game for the XBOX when it was released back in May. Now, the creator behind Mincecraft, Markus Persson, tweeted that his little brainchild has passed another milestone:


Says one gaming blog:

“Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has now broken all previous Xbox Live Arcade sales records. After reaching 1 million sales in just the first five days it was pretty obvious that this day coming. However, what really drives home the game’s success for me is the amount of unique users noted on Xbox Live’s activity charts. Since May 14th Minecraft has been pulling in more users than one of the most popular games ever, Call of Duty: Black Ops, only being outdone by the latest title in that franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.”

Meanwhile, Minecraft continues to expand. Minecraft is now available from the Amazon App Store for $7, playable on the Kindle Fire. Minecraft was already available for iOS and Android.


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